Oct 01, 2018 | Issue 207


Rohingya crisis: HPM pushes for quick solution at 73rd UNGA meet

In her address at the 73rd UN General Assembly at the UN headquarters on Thursday, Honourable Prime Minister (HPM) Sheikh Hasina has demanded immediate and effective implementation of the Myanmar-UN agreement on the solution to Rohingya crisis which is putting immense socioeconomic pressure on Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Premier said Bangladesh was appalled by what it saw in UN reports about atrocities against the Rohingyas, which are tantamount to genocide and crimes against humanity. On the sidelines of a high level meet, she pressed for three recommendations for solving the Rohingya crisis at its root, including abolition of laws, policies and practices of Myanmar against the minority group.

HPM receives 2 int'l awards for hosting Rohingyas

HPM Sheikh Hasina has received two international awards -- the IPS International Achievement Award and the 2018 Special Distinction Award for Leadership -- for her humanitarian and responsible policy in hosting the Rohingyas and for her far-sighted leadership over the Rohingya issue. The Inter Press Service (IPS), one of the world's leading news agencies, and the Global Hope Coalition, a network of three not-for-profit foundations based in New York, Zurich and Hong Kong, honoured her with the two awards. The Premier received the awards at two functions in New York.

HPM for putting world on track of Paris Agreement

HPM Sheikh Hasina has called for putting the world on the track of Paris Agreement to meet the long term goals of addressing the climate disasters. She hoped that UN members would utilise the opportunity in COP 24, slated for December this year in Poland, to have a more focused discussion on climate finance to meet pre-2020 ambition and long term goals of Paris Agreement. The Bangladesh Premier was addressing a high level dialogue of the leaders on Climate Change Implementation of the Paris Agreement-towards COP24 and beyond at UN Headquarters on Wednesday last.

HPM emphasises three actions for women empowerment at UN discussion

HPM Sheikh Hasina has emphasised the need for three actions, including working for overcoming gender stereotypes regarding women's ability, to advance women empowerment. Addressing a high-level discussion on 'Economic Growth through Women Empowerment' at the Conference Room-3 of the United Nations Headquarters on Thursday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, she called for enhancing women's productivity by addressing challenges specific to them -- including violence against women, and creating equal opportunities for women in all sectors of life and livelihoods with gender-responsive policy intervention. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was present at the event, hosted by President of Lithuania and Chair of the Council of Women Leaders Dalia Grybauskaite.

US secretary of state Mike Pompeo meets Sheikh Hasina in New York

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held an exclusive meeting HPM Sheikh Hasina in New York(USA) last week. During the meeting, a stream of bilateral issues came up, resulting in a further elevation in the ties between the countries. The meeting took place at hotel Grand Hyatt New York where the Bangladesh Premier stayed during her weeklong visit to the USA. DOn the other hand, a number of international aid and development organization chiefs also met the Bangladesh Premier, on the sideline of the UNGA.

UN expresses full solidarity with Bangladesh government

The United Nations expressed full solidarity and cooperation with the government and the people of Bangladesh. ‘The UN expresses full solidarity and full cooperation with the government led by Sheikh Hasina and the people of Bangladesh,’ UN secretary general Antonio Guterres said in a meeting with the Bangladesh premier in New York. The meeting was held at the UN secretary general’s meeting room at the UN headquarters on last Thursday afternoon. The prime minister briefed him on different aspects of developments in Bangladesh.

HPM reiterates her commitment for ensuring free, fair and inclusive polls

HPM Sheikh Hasina has said her government wants the next general election to be held in a free and fair manner with the participation of all political parties. She made the remarks when UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jeremy Hunt met her at the bilateral meeting room of the UN headquarters in New York. In response to a request put forward by the UK envoy, the Bangladesh Premier said that her government wants all [political parties] to take part in the next election and it'll be free and fair. To this goal, the government has been working constantly for fulfillment of this goal.

At UN, Bangladesh floats four ideas to engage youths in mediation for lasting peace

Bangladesh has placed four ideas to engage youths in the mediation of conflicts for lasting peace as the role of youths in peace building is being recognised by the UN. State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam spoke at the UN high-level meeting of the Group of Friends of Mediation in New York and shared those ideas for conflict prevention, resolutions and mediation processes. First, he said, community projects can be developed to train and equip young women and men in mediation, ICTs, life skills and entrepreneurship. With these new skills they can become peace leaders who work within their communities to cultivate peace. Third, the state minister said, there could be initiative at regional and global level. All actors at sub-regional and regional level can also be motivated to play their roles. Fourth, he said, awareness can be built in the nations to reach out to the young people. The idea of mediation can be included in the academic curricula.

Asian Development Bank projects 7.5% growth rate for Bangladesh in FY19

Bangladesh posted a GDP growth rate of 7.9% in FY18, and is expected to achieve 7.5% GDP growth in FY19, according to a report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). ADB announced the projection, releasing an update to its Outlook-2018 report in the capital. The GDP growth rate achieved in FY18 is the highest for Bangladesh since 1974, the report said. Over the space of last ten years, the country has seen a remarkable turn-around in most of the economic indices under the able and prudent leadership of HPM Sheikh Hasina.

HPM Sheikh Hasina: Architect of a different Bangladesh

HPM Sheikh Hasina has been able to turn around the wheels of the fortune of the country's people since she took over the charge of Prime Minister in 2009. Bangladesh has achieved the highest level of socio-economic development during last several years under the premiership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh's growth rate has escalated from 5.05% to 7.86% during these years. Per capita income of the people of Bangladesh has increased from $703 to $1751. Inflation has gone down from 12.3% to 7.5%. Electricity generation capacity has increased from 5, 000 megawatt to 18, 000 megawatt plus. Export has increased from $15.6 billion to $36.7 billion. Import has increased from $22.5 billion to $54.5 billion dollars. Remittance has peaked from $9.7 billion dollars to around $15 billion. With the increase of export and remittance, foreign currency reserve has gone up from $7.4 billion to $32.9 billion. During last one decade the branches of different banks have increased by three folds. Deposits have increased by 2.47 folds and loans have mounted by 3.2 times.

HPM Sheikh Hasina's place in history

In the forty-seven year independent history of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, HPM Sheikh Hasina has turned out to be the most formidable of politicians to have presided over the fortunes of this country. Where other politicians and the nation's two military rulers have been instrumental in creating problems, most of them seemingly insurmountable, HPM Sheikh Hasina has proved to be a problem solver. Her leadership has been firm, uncompromising and focused. She is the predominant force in national politics in these times, a head of government who is more than primus inter pares --- first among equals. It is a truth not to be denied, for the government is shaped around her personality in much the same way it was focused on Bangabandhu in an earlier era.

HPM Sheikh Hasina’s leadership delivers on promises

In the last 10 years, Bangladesh has come a long way on the road of development because one politician has kept her biggest promises and pledges to the people. In 2008, the yet-to-be Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina talked of ‘Vision 2021’ in her ‘Manifesto of Change’ (Din Badaler Ishtehar), an aspiration to turn our country into a middle-income country by 2021. It was also a moment of national pride to learn that after being a least developed country (LDC) for more than four decades, in March 2018, Bangladesh for the first time, fulfilled the eligibility requirements to graduate to the ‘Developing Country’ status, as per the UN Committee for Development Policy (CPD). While the official approval can be as far off as 2024 that Bangladesh is on the right development track and trajectory, cannot be denied.

Indian minister praises Bangladesh economy

The economic development of Bangladesh is a unique model and a good example for the rest of the world, said Indian Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu, during his recent visit to Bangladesh. He said at first, social and human resources development took place in Bangladesh, followed by economic development. All the three developments happened together and it is unique, he said. The minister was speaking on Bangladesh-India trade relations at a dinner hosted by the commerce minister of Bangladesh at the Sonargaon hotel in Dhaka.

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