19 April 2014
Bangladesh achieves remarkable success in South Asia: SPI report
According to the Social Progress Index (SPI) 2014, Bangladesh produces another ‘development surprise’ in the SAARC region. It was not easy for Bangladesh to keep up economic growth and social progress concurrently, but it was made possible due to the efficiency of the government.
This progress is the outcome of relentless effort of the incumbent government of Bangladesh led by Bangladesh Awami League. For the last six years, government has taken numerous initiatives to develop the social scenario of the country. As a result, Bangladesh achieved extraordinary improvement both in its economic niches and human development index.
Sustaining growth and development
The new Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali anticipates that the country will overtake China as the world's leading exporter of garments.
With controlled inflation and superb export-growth, Bangladesh foreign exchange reserve reaches the peak of $20-billion. International Monetary Fund (IMF) appreciates the country’s overall economic performance.
Ensuring Social Justice and Equity
From the Prime Minister's Relief and Welfare Fund, a total of 909 family members of the Rana Plaza victims get compensated in nine phases. The government had also given jobs to 777 injured persons. Moreover, Bangladesh government creates spaces for international communities to work for the rehabilitation of the victims.
Bangladesh has reduced the mortality rate for children below the age of five by 71%, exceeding the target of 66% reduction of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG)-2015.
Bangladesh eradicated poliomyelitis more than seven years ago but the long-awaited certification came on March 27, when the World Health Organization (WHO) finally stamped the country as polio-free.
World Bank Vice President for the South Asia Region, Philippe Le Houérou, says that he is optimistic about Bangladesh because of its excellent record of investing in health, education and social safety net programs for the poor.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vowed to introduce countrywide service and help centres for the person with disabilities, autistic and intellectually challenged people to provide 'one stop' services to them.
Bangladesh Awami League