Sep 22, 2016 | Issue 127


We must find common grounds for world peace: HPM at 71th UNGA

In her address at the 71th session of United Nations General Assembly, Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina pushed forward a call for the world leaders to reach a common ground in the fight against the scourges of terrorism and extremism in order to make the world a better place. Pointing out the necessity of ensuring global security as a key aspect to rid the world of poverty and other evils, the Bangladesh Premier urged the leaders to halt the sources of funds, arms and ammunition as well as moral and material support for the militants and terrorists across the borders.

HPM addresses high-level panel on Water at UNGA

HPM Sheikh Hasina has urged the international community to consider water as an integral part of the new development architecture putting emphasis on ensuring equitable sharing of transboundary water bodies. The call was made while she was addressing a high-level panel on Water (HLPW) at the UN Headquarters. In reference to her country’s achievement in becoming a champion for ensuring access to safe water, she called for a global effort to ensure integrated management of river basins and promote access to water-intensive technologies to effectively address water-related challenges.

HPM participates in the launching of Global initiative on inclusive growth

With a call to put focus on enhancing shared responsibility of global businesses, HPM Sheikh Hasina called upon the global stakeholders to deliver their commitments on responsible business conduct, fair pricing and access to development finance. The Premier was addressing the Launching Event of the Global Deal Initiative on Enhanced Social Dialogue for Decent Work and Inclusive Growth on the sidelines of UNGA. According to her, a growing need has risen for devising a robust mechanism to facilitate mutually enriching dialogue among the stakeholders, as the strength of collective enterprise attributes strongly to development.

HPM Sheikh Hasina receives global awards for women empowerment

On the sidelines of 71st UNGA, HPM Sheikh Hasina has been conferred upon two international awards for her far-reaching initiatives in opening up an equality of opportunity for women in most of the sectors in Bangladesh. The UN-Women recognized the prime minister as "Planet 50-50 Champion", while Global Partnership Forum handed over the "Agent of Change Award" to her at a high-level reception at the UN headquarters. Both of the awards stand out as a shining testament to the outstanding role played by the Premier in ensuring the rise of women in national life.

HPM Sheikh Hasina co-chairs a round table on global migration

Given that an untied effort is a pre-requisite for a sustainable solution to mitigate the plight of migrants, HPM Sheikh Hasina showed the world leaders a unique approach to promote orderly, safe, regular and responsible mobility of people. Taking part at the Leaders' Summit on Refugees, organised by US President Barack Obama, the PM called upon other international partners to remain engaged in the refugee issue.

Time to take new path of constructive cooperation for migration, PM tells world leaders

In an opinion piece, carried by Project Syndicate, HPM Sheikh Hasina has called upon UN member states to take a new path of constructive cooperation as regards migration governance. She observed that the international community has struggled to govern migration effectively for far too long. She also urged the international community, to consider new partnerships in addressing migration and large movements of people to keep up with the rapidly changing geopolitical conditions.

HPM Sheikh Hasina takes part at GCERF

On the sidelines of the 71th UNGA, HPM Sheikh Hasina came up with a set of ideas to uplift the fortunes of women while attending a high profile conference on Women's Leadership and Gender Perspective on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism. She expressed her firm belief that there will be no room for violent extremism in those societies that create space for women's participation and empowerment.

HPM Sheikh Hasina meets global leaders at the sidelines of UNGA

On the sidelines of the 71th UNGA, Bangladesh HPM Sheikh Hasina held a number of bilateral meetings with the heads of government of various countries, including Myanmar and Switzerland. HPM met Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi where discussions took place in dissolving bilateral issues through dialogue. At another high profile sideline meeting, the Premier sought cooperation from Swiss President Johan Schneider-Amman. Moreover. The HPM also met with the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

HPM Sheikh Hasina addresses 5th Global Fund Replenishment Conference

During her address at the opening session of the 5th Global Fund Replenishment Conference at Montreal, Canada, HPM Sheikh Hasina called upon the international community to work together to prevent three of the world's most devastating diseases: AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Pointing out that health security is a crucial aspect of development, Sheikh Hasina said access to health care is critically important for our society. Bangladesh is moving towards elimination of malaria by 2020 and has been maintaining a low prevalence rate in HIV/AIDS for the last two decades, added the Premier.

Pierre Trudeau given Liberation War Honour posthumously

In the run up to her high profile visit at the UNGA, HPM Sheikh Hasina paid a short trip at Canada where the Premier meet her Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau and discussed a wide range of issues to enhance the bilateral cooperation. During her stay at Canada, the Bangladeshi PM conferred the "Bangladesh Liberation War Honour" award posthumously on former Canadian premier Pierre Elliott Trudeau through his son Justin Trudeau. The government awarded the honour to Pierre Trudeau for his outstanding support and contribution during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

Sajeeb Wazed wins ICT for Development Award

Sajeeb Wazed, Information and Communication Technology Adviser to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has been conferred upon the 'ICT for Development' Award for his far-reaching initiatives in setting Bangladesh on the road to the digital world. Sajeeb Wazed was given the award in recognition of his tremendous contribution to the people of Bangladesh through the implementation of "Digital Bangladesh" initiative as well as his outstanding leadership and commitment towards ICT and competitiveness as a tool for sustainable development.

Growth and Development

Bangladesh continues to make strong progress in economy

Braving the global economic meltdown, Bangladesh stood as an exception in South Asia with a steady and strong economic growth, resulting in an unprecedented rise in the living standard of its people. Over the last six years, the per capita income soared to an all-time high, alongside a robust national growth rate which is projected to reach at 7.4% by the end of this fiscal year. Export earnings reached $34 billion while the balance of payments surplus (BoP) surged over 15% to $5.04 billion from the previous fiscal year.

Ensuring education for all: Bangladesh’s inclusive model

Bangladesh has emerged as one of the developing world’s biggest success stories in making education inclusive, thanks to earmarking education as a thrust area by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2009. Under her prudent leadership, Bangladesh has witnessed free distribution of 1.9 billion text books, 13 million students are being provided with scholarships and stipends, special measures are being taken for promoting girls education, education for students with disabilities have been prioritized and higher secondary, tertiary and technical education are being streamlined.

Bangladesh gets glowing appraisal in countering terrorism

Political will and firm commitment shown by the government to combat domestic and transnational terrorism, and its counter terrorism activities have made it harder for transnational terrorists to operate in the Bangladeshi territory. Apart from setting an international benchmark in tackling terrorism financing, the country has taken the fight head on to the terrorists after the attack at a Dhaka cafe in July, 2016.

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