Oct 27, 2016 | Issue 132


Bangladesh GDP beat forecast, grew 7.11% in 2015-16 fiscal

After nearly a decade of registering 6% growth, Bangladesh’s economy grew by 7.11% in the previous financial year at a rate faster than was calculated by the government, according to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Economists believe that this landmark growth will usher in a new dawn of prosperity and progress in living standard of people. Attributions have been laid out to visionary and prudent economic management policies, as envisaged and implemented, by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

20th National Council: HPM Sheikh Hasina in her grandeur

A good number of political analysts have dubbed the appearance of the party President and HPM Sheikh Hasina at the 20th national council of the party as the finest hours in political career, given that her adroit policies to bring in an unprecedented scale of national development and a growing reliance of party activists on her. Moreover, a host of global leaders have also heaped praises on her for coming up with directions in dealing with growing menaces like migration. In foreign policy, she also demonstrated her adroit diplomacy, particularly by maintaining good ties with India and China.

Foreign delegates’ heap praises on HPM Sheikh Hasina

The members of the foreign delegations who have come to Dhaka to attend ruling Awami League's 20th National Council have highly lauded HPM Sheikh Hasina's leadership in fighting terrorism and militancy, poverty alleviation and women empowerment. Fifty-four political leaders from 11 countries -- India, Russia, China, UK, Australia, Italy and Canada -- attended the council. Accomplishments in social safety net programmes, food security and enhanced connectivity with neigbouring countries also received high praises by the delegates while they also termed HPM Sheikh Hasina a rear leader in South Asia.

HPM Sheikh Hasina re-elected party president at the 20th national council of Awami League

Around 6,500 councillors’, converged from different parts of the country, have unanimously reelected HPM Sheikh Hasina as the party president in the 20th national council. She has already been elected president in the past seven consecutive councils since 1981 and running the party, one of the oldest and major political parties in South Asia, for around 36 years. Upon her return from six year in exile since 1981, HPM Sheikh Hasina has rebuilt organized and led the party to win three national elections. In recognition of that struggle, participants of the council, held between October 22 and October 23, have lent a demand that HPM Sheikh Hasina hold the post for life.

List the homeless, we'll make homes: HPM Sheikh Hasina at 20th Council

In her address at the first session of the 20th national council, party President and HPM Sheikh Hasina called upon activists and leaders and public representatives to make a list of poor and homeless people to ensure their welfare and make Bangladesh a poverty-free country. Terming Awami League a people's organization, the Bangladesh Premier said pledged to rid the country of poverty. Under her watch, the poverty rate bought down to 19.04% from 97%, while the per capita income kept rising.

Get prepared to win next national polls: HPM Sheikh Hasina

Addressing the last session of the triennial national conference, the Awami League President and HPM Sheikh Hasina instructed her party's grassroots leaders to make preparations for winning the parliamentary elections for the third time in a row. On a similar note, she also instructed the leaders and activists to go to the doorsteps of the voters in their respective areas and project the current government successes before them. The party formed the 11-member Awami League Parliamentary Board (ALPB) for national elections and the 19-member Local Government Nomination Board for local government polls.

Awami League uses social media in the council in a digital age

Over 10 million netizens visited the officially verified facebook page of Bangladesh Awami League in the last seven days in the run up to the 20th national council of Bangladesh Awami League. Between October 18 and October 24, a total of 1,17,16208 visitors browsed the page while over 7 lakh people watched the council live-streamed through the page. Supervised by Center for Research and Information (CRI), the research wing of Bangladesh Awami League, this is the first time that any party council was broadcast from facebook page. Over the weeks, banners, posters featuring development activities of the government and the history of the party have been widely disseminated through social media.

New leadership of Awami League vows to strengthen the party

With an aim to revitalize the party, the council has brought in a number of new faces in the key positions at the policy making bodies of the party. Through a democratic process, Obaidul Quader was elected unopposed general secretary, replacing Syed Ashraful Islam, by the National Council. All the leaders have vowed to put in their efforts to infuse a sense of dynamism and to make the party stronger at grass-root level. National media outlets have also echoed the view that the inclusion of new faces would bolster the party.

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