June 19, 2021


More 53,340 homeless families get AL Govt’s free public housing

As part of the government’s campaign to bring all landless and homeless families under housing facilities,, Honourable Prime Minister (HPM) Sheikh Hasina handed over 53,340 houses under the second phase of Ashrayan 2 project on June 20. In addition to a shelter, the beneficiaries would be entitled to other benefits like sanitation, drinkable water, education and healthcare facilities, social network and community facilities. Under the scheme, joint ownership of a two-decimal land alongside a modern house is given to the husband and the wife of each family. Envisaged and implemented by HPM Sheikh Hasina, back in 1997, this project, run by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), has provided homeless and landless families with as many as 3,73,562 new houses.

Rising export and remittances boost Bangladesh’s forex reserves to record $45 billion

The foreign currency reserves of Bangladesh have crossed $45 billion with inward remittances continuing to boost despite the coronavirus crisis. The reserves at Bangladesh Bank was at an all-time high of $45.59 billion last week, a nearly 30% rise from the amount a year ago. With the money it will be possible to pay import costs for 11 months. In the 11 months of the outgoing fiscal year, the money sent by Bangladeshi workers abroad rose year-on-year by around 39.5% to $22.84 billion. Exports increased in this period by 13.64% to $35.18 billion, which also helped boost the reserves.

Constructions of mega projects move on full swing with strict Covid-19 protocols

With introduction of full scale health safety measures among workers, the construction of eight-lane expressway from Kuril to Balu River, to improve the communication system, has been making fast progress even amid the pandemic. As of now, 300 feet connecting road is being upgraded to eight-lane expressway with service road widening while for improvement of the road, uninterrupted traffic movement with grade separator work is in progress. Moreover, owing to coordinated efforts, the country’s first of its kind under river tunnel, at Karnaphuli river, is set to become operational within the scheduled time too, thanks to the relentless efforts put in place by the concerned authorities.

AL Govt’s comprehensive Covid-19 stimuli: 83% implemented

Bangladesh Bank (BB) has implemented 83% of 23 financial recovery programs known as stimulus packages, worth over $9 billion, launched to support different sectors to recover from the disruption caused by the corona pandemic, according to a report. The government announced 23 stimulus packages in 2020 to protect the country’s economy from the adverse impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Of the 23 stimulus packages, nine packages are being implemented directly by Bangladesh Bank and the reaming packages are being implemented jointly with the ministry of finance, banks and micro-finance institutions. On impact, as many as 12.4 million people were given assistance to turn around their lives affected by the pandemic.

Declare Covid-19 vaccines as ‘public goods’: HPM Sheikh Hasina tells world leaders

Global leaders must declare Covid-19 vaccines as a public good, HPM Sheikh Hasina said at the Qatar Economic Forum, to curb a fresh surge in infections. Calling the pandemic time as “a litmus test for global solidarity”, , she, in recorded remarks, stressed that the Covid-19 vaccines should be declared as a global public good, and the developing countries and LDCs that have capacity be given the necessary support to produce the vaccines. “The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our world to multiple setbacks and fragilities,” she pointed out, adding that “It has already claimed millions of lives and battered economies and we need strong global cooperation to overcome this difficult time.”

Bangladesh to enter strict lockdown to curb Covid-19

Moreover, the government has announced a strict lockdown, which will begin across Bangladesh on Monday for at least seven days, to curb a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths. All kinds of transports, except for those carrying emergency supplies, ambulances and vehicles for healthcare services and media, will remain suspended in the lockdown, according to media reports. All government and private offices will also remain shut andOnly the agencies providing emergency services will be open.

HPM calls for stronger global co-op to mitigate water- related disasters

HPM Sheikh Hasina stressed the need for creating stronger and inclusive international cooperation to mitigate water-related disasters for a resilient and sustainable post-Covid-19 world." To mitigate the water-related disasters, we have a shared responsibility to create stronger and inclusive international cooperation," she said in a recorded speech aired in the 5th United Nations Special Thematic Session on Water and Disasters held virtually. The High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP), which was established to assist the international community, governments and stakeholders in mobilising political will and resources to solve the water-related disasters, organised the session.

Green energy initiative launched in Bangladesh, new policy to boost up engineering industries

With an aim to reduce CO2 emissions, energy consumption and demand through energy efficiency in Bangladesh, a joint project titled 'Team Europe Initiative on Green Energy Transition’ has been launched in collaboration between Germany and the Delegation of the European Union (EU). The initiative intends to support Bangladesh in building a power system that leads to maximum coverage of the country’s energy demand through renewable energy. Moreover, another initiative has been rolled out to formulate policy to promote and develop engineering industries, create jobs and expand the country's industrial base.

Bangladesh to construct eight more modern food silos

To facilitate the country’s farmers, the government is going to construct eight modern food silos which are expected to be completed by 2025. Besides, three silos which are being constructed in different districts, are likely to be completed within this year. Out of the eight, three silos are being made for wheat while the remaining five for rice storage combining a total capacity of 500000 tonnes. Besides, works for construction of paddy silos are going ahead in full swing and completion of the work would allow farmers to sell up to 24% wet paddy to the government.

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