Aug 24, 2021


Bangladesh allows students aged at least 18 to register for COVID-19 vaccine, con production agreement signed

Bangladesh is now allowing students aged at least 18 to register for a vaccine shot against COVID-19 as part of the efforts to further expand the vaccination exercise in the country. As of last week, more than 33.9 million people have registered for the vaccine. Among them, 16.1 million received the first dose and 6.2 million are fully vaccinated. In a major stride, on the other hand, towards producing Covid-19 vaccine in the country, the government has struck a trilateral agreement for bottling, labelling and dispensing China's Sinopharm vaccine.Under the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the government, China's Sinopharm and Bangladesh's Incepta Vaccines Ltd, the local vaccine producer will supply five million doses of Covid vaccine a month from its plant in Savar.

Bangladesh will stay secular and grow economically under HPM: Sir Mark Tully

Veteran journalist Sir Mark Tully who covered the birth related reports of Bangladesh in 1971 said that Bangladesh will stay secular and grow economically under the able leadership of Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Participating in a webinar the legendary BBC journalist and author said Bangladesh's amazing economic turnaround, its secularism and its inclusive growth are great achievements which struggled at birth with the devastation of war. He said that Bangladesh would remain on the right path. On elaborating 'Right Path' he said, "I hope Bangladesh will remain secular as it is now." Offering a glimpse into the post-1975 scenario of the country, Sir Mark Tully said, "There were different streams - one stream was pro-western economic way, anti-socialist, anti-Indian, and also there was a what I may call an Islamic stream as well."

AL govt introduces cash incentive on loans for women-owned SMEs, one-stop service for entrepreneurs on the cards

As part of Awami League led government’s initiative to help small businesses, the central bank declared a cash incentive on dedicated small and medium enterprise (SME) loan programmes for female entrepreneurs. Both the loan disbursing bank and female entrepreneur will avail 1% incentive from the central bank’s own fund. The incentive, which is styled "Cash Incentive Support to Disbursed Loans among Women Entrepreneurs in the CMSME sector", will be provided after the entrepreneurs pay their monthly or quarterly instalment to banks. A move has been set in motion to create a new platform to provide all investment-related services to entrepreneurs planning to set up new factories and commercial establishments in the country .

RMG exports rise braving the pandemic

Garment exports to non-traditional markets have been showing an encouraging trend amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic as shipments grew 6.36 per cent to $5.08 billion in fiscal year 2020-21. The receipts from garment exports to non-traditional markets have been rising from the rubble of fiscal 2019-20, when the country and global supply chain suffered severe impacts of the pandemic. Moreover, with the restoration of normalcy in the global apparel supply chain, shipments to non-traditional markets was also being revived. Bangladesh considers all markets as non-traditional ones except for that of the 27 member countries of the EU, US and Canada.

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