Jan 05, 2021


Bangladesh poised to become $500b economy, secures steady growth in 2021

Bangladesh is gunning to become a half-a-trillion-dollar economy next fiscal year buoyed by a successful vaccination campaign and a steady growth in agriculture and industry. As per the finance division's projection, the size of the Bangladesh economy would be $510 billion in fiscal 2022-23 after growing at 10.7% while the GDP is estimated to be $455 billion at the current price this fiscal year, up from $411 billion. Moreover, owing to Honourable Prime Minister (HPM) Sheikh Hasina’s prudent and judicious leadership, despite a devastating impact of coronavirus on the world economy, Bangladesh economy has achieved a spectacular progress last year, receiving the final announcement of the transition from LDC. Moreover, the government has been working hard with providing all-out support, including stimuli to different sectors, to activate the business activities amid Covid-19.

Bangladesh awaits new era of communication in 2022

The people of Bangladesh, for the first time, are set to experience riding the metro rail, crossing Padma Bridge, going through tunnel road, and traveling on the Rapid Transit- BRT bus, thanks to a raft of bold measures, set in motion by HPM. These include traffic on the Padma Multipurpose Bridge, a section of the Metrorail, the Bangabandhu Tunnel under the Karnafuli River and the Rapid Transit-BRT bus from Dhaka Airport to Gazipur. Once those stream of development projects including the Padma Bridge, Metrorail and Karnaphuli Tunnel become operational, the country would get a shot in the arm in its quest for emerging out a developed one by 2041, an electoral pledge laid out by Bangladesh Awami League under visionary leadership of HPM Sheikh Hasina.

Bangladesh closes out 2021 with record $4.9bn exports in December, fresh remittance incentive rises to 2.5%

Bangladesh's exports have scaled new heights in 2021 on the back of a lucrative holiday shopping season in the West, injecting fresh impetus into the economy as it made inroads from a pandemic-driven slowdown. More than $4.9 billion worth of goods were shipped in December, a monthly record, propelling the overall export earnings to $39.14 in 2021, according to data published by the Export Promotion Bureau. Moreover, buoyed up with a steady year-on-year increase in remittance in the just concluded year, the government has increased cash incentive to 2.5% to touch a new landmark of $26 billion in remittance for the current fiscal year 2021-22.

Bangladesh inoculates over100 million covid jabs, ramps up healthcare facilities

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic raging throughout the best part of 2021, the government has so far inoculated over half of the population—over 700 million people—with the first dose and over 500 million people with the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine till now. Alongside jabbing the adults, the government is now vaccinating children aged 12 and above, and has launched a booster dose campaign to some extent. Moreover, owing to a raft of measures, as put in place by the government, the country is now better equipped to deal with Covid surges on the back of more beds, ICU beds, and adequate oxygen.

New book distribution programme kicks off across Bangladesh

New book distribution programme has started across the country including the capital on Saturday, the first day of the New Year 2022 after HPM Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the book distribution programme on 30 December, 2021. This year, the books will be distributed for one week at different times and days instead of the same day. Some 347 million copies of textbooks will be distributed among some 41 million students up to the secondary level from pre-primary level across the country in the 2022 academic year. No festival marking the distribution of free textbooks was held in 2021 either due to the pandemic.

Telecom and ICT see progress in 2021

Bangladesh has witnessed massive development in the telecom and ICT sector in 2021 despite the coronavirus pandemic. At the end of 2021, Bangladesh has stepped into 5G (5th Generation Mobile Network) era while the rate for the broadband internet has been fixed. At the same time, e-SIM was invented to stop unwanted issues. The state-owned telecom operator Teletalk Bangladesh has launched the 5G service to accelerate the journey of digital transformation and enable all the customers of the country to enjoy the latest benefits of 5G mobile technology. This is a continuation of an electoral pledge – Digital Bangladesh-- announced by HPM Sheikh Hasina in 2008, turning the country into a technologically advanced one.

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