Bangladesh has ranked number one among South Asian countries in terms of gender parity, according to the latest Global Gender Gap Report 2023 by the World Economic Forum (WEF). With a score of 72.2%, Bangladesh ranked 59th globally, indicating significant progress in achieving gender parity. Women across the country this year experienced a rise in overall gender parity, as reflected in a higher score and index ranking compared to 2022. This revelation has come up as a further testimony to Honourbale Prime Minister (HPM) Sheikh Hasina’s leadership that laid emphasis on empowerment of women under her watch over the space of last decade.
In her address at the Plenary of "World of Work Summit 2023", HPM Sheikh Hasina urged the global community to invest in social justice in an effort to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies worldwide. "We can achieve lasting peace and sustainable development on the foundation of social justice. We must invest in social justice in our efforts to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies worldwide," she said, addressing at Palais de Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. In this context, Sheikh Hasina made five suggestions from Bangladesh's viewpoint: the Coalition as a consultative or advocacy platform, stop weaponisation of "social justice", wide-scale promotion of social justice and putting attention to making our youth champion social justice.
Bangladesh and Switzerland signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance skills-training capacity and knowledge-sharing partnership. The deal seeks to widen opportunities in Bangladesh to export skilled manpower, specifically from the medical and IT sectors, to Switzerland. The signing ceremony was held at the bilateral meeting room in Palais des Nations after a meeting between Swiss Confederation President Alain Berset and HPM Sheikh Hasina. According to media reports, Switzerland has some specialized institutes, especially one in Zurich, which specializes in technology and innovation. Bangladesh seeks to connect its new specialized institutes with this institute in Zurich for enhancing collaboration on research and innovation.
HPM Sheikh Hasina said it must be ensured that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) tools are not used to hurt or undermine humanity. “We must make sure that the 4IR tools are not put to use to hurt or undermine our humanity,” she said. The primer said this while responding to a question in a programme titled A talk at the event on New Economy and Society in Smart Bangladesh organised by the World Economic Forum at its office here. She laid emphasis on putting safeguards against cyber-attacks, disinformation and other vices. On Bangladesh’s context, she said that her government has started preparing youth of the country for 4IR and the future of work.“I am confident that our boys and girls will not just follow 4IR trends but will actually lead them,” she said.
HPM Sheikh Hasina’s ten special initiatives have played a significant role ushering in a new hope of women empowerment which is contributing towards meeting the SDGs. After assuming power in 2014, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had attached utmost importance on priority basis to ensure basic rights of people including poverty and hunger-free society, housing, education, health and social safety. HPM’s ten special initiatives are: Palli Sanchay Bank (Ekti Bari, Ekti Khamar), Asrayan Prokalpo, Digital Bangladesh, Education Assistance, Women Empowerment, Electricity For All, Social Safety Program, Community Clinic, Mental Health, Social Safety Programme, Investment Development and Environment Protection.
HPM Sheikh Hasina surprised passengers of a regular commercial flight of the state-run Biman Bangladesh Airlines. On her way back home from Geneva, she roamed around the flight and exchanged pleasantries with the passengers. Passengers on the fully packed commercial flight of Biman were pleasantly surprised when she went to their seats and asked about their wellbeing. “Many of them were surprised and astonished having their prime minister just beside their seats on the flight,” added thPrime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the elder daughter of the Father of the Nation, also obliged their requests for photographs.
A number of academics, war heroes, and journalists have criticized BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir for what they say his “unapologetic stance” and “patronage” to a local BNP leader who publicly asked party activists to “fight to assassinate” the prime minister and “finish off” Awami League. They also pointed out the reluctance to condemn such behaviour of BNP's top leadership. This trend goes against the democratic process and stands as a roadblock to peaceful assembly, they observed. In the video, Mirza Fakhrul was seen on stage, and afterwards both were seen standing in close proximity.


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