In an effort to demonstrate a gesture of reassurance among people, HPM Sheikh Hasina flew to affected areas and distributed relief materials among the cyclone-affected people reiterating that her government and the Awami League party will stand by them as long as they need the assistance to rebuild their lives. "We are beside you, will remain there and will provide all kinds of assistance that is needed," she told the crowd. Prior to her address to the crowd, the premier took stock of the damages caused by the cyclone. Later HPM Sheikh Hasina sat with the divisional level officials to review the relief operation and assess the immediate rehabitation needs of the affected people.
Prior to the impact of Cyclone Remal, Bangladesh has seen one of the biggest evacuation schemes rolled out that has seen over 800000 people were shifted to cyclone shelters, thanks to an extensive campaign by government officials and volunteers. As many as 9,424 cyclone shelters hosted evacuees, helplines were opened round the clock, cash assistances were doled out for affected families and 1471 medical teams were dispatched for emergency health services. The entire evacuation work was scrutinized by the premier reportedly.
The construction work of the third terminal of Shahjalal International Airport marked a steady growth as at least 97% of works totally completed. The remaining work is in progress and the third terminal is likely to be fully ready for use in October, enhancing the passenger and cargo handling capacity. Covering an area of 542,000 square metres, the third terminal has 230,000 square metres of floor space, 115 check-in counters, and 66 departure, 59 arrival and three VIP immigration desks. When fully operational, the annual passenger handling capacity of the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport will be 24 million, up from the current 8 million. Cargo handling capacity, now 500,000 tonnes, will also multiply.
An extensive expansion in rural road network, undertook for decades, revolutionised the socio-economic landscape leading to an economic boom in rural areas. This initiative has modernised the health, education, agriculture, and fisheries sectors, propelling the rural economy forward. . According to a 2016 World Bank Rural Connectivity Index survey, 84% of Bangladeshis have access to pucca roads within two kilometres, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure comprehensive road networks by 2030. The government targets a 90% connectivity index by 2025 in the Eighth Five Year Plan. Farmers and fishers now receive fair prices for their produce, benefiting from faster market access.
During a recent visit to Bangladesh Canadian Deputy Minister of International Development Christopher MacLennan highly appreciated Bangladesh’s economic progress over the last one and a half decade and expressed Canada's eagerness to adopt a more mature approach in leveraging development assistance to Bangladesh. He indicated that Bangladesh’s graduation from the LDC status will facilitate "robust economic partnership" between the two friendly countries. The Canadian Deputy Minister appreciated Bangladesh for hosting the forcibly displaced Rohingyas while Bangladesh’s foreign secretary thanked Canadian government for its humanitarian support to the Rohingyas, temporarily sheltered in Bangladesh and its political support towards resolving the Rohingya crisis.
Bangladesh's readymade garment (RMG) exports to the European Union reached $19.90 billion during July-April of the 2023-24 fiscal, marking a 3.66% increase compared to the same period in the previous fiscal, according to the latest statistics from the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). As per the latest statistics of the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), Bangladesh's export to Spain, France, Netherlands, Poland and Denmark showed 6.07%, 3.42%, 17.51%, 20.65% and 32% growth respectively during this 10-month period.
Risking their lives in line of duty, over 6000 security personnel from Bangladesh, are toiling day and night on conflict ridden 13 countries across the globe to ensure safety of citizens custodians of peacekeepers for citizens of these countries given their lives have been hit by scourge of terrorism or civil wars. Started since 1988 till date, 194,856 peacekeepers were found to have involved in the process from Bangladesh, earning global acclaims for demonstrating highest order of professionalism and commitment in securing safety of citizens in countries they were deployed. HPM Sheikh Hasina urged the international community to end the arms race and instead spend the money for eradication of poverty and easing the adverse impacts of climate change.


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