On July 23, Bangladesh Awami League marked its founding anniversary, a momentous occasion that once again brought to light the heroic and historic contributions the party has achieved for the country in its 75 years. Themed on with people in struggle success and glory, this anniversary highlighted the party’s role for independence, restoration of democracy from the clutches of military rulers and now has been leading the march to achieve the vision SMART Bangladesh by 2041: a developed nation, counting on the youth. Over last seven decades, a volley of repressive measures including the likes of assassinations alongside the brutal killings of the father of the nation with 19 family members, thousands of war heroes who were Awami League leaders and activists, and at least 19 assassination attempts on Honourbale party president Sheikh Hasina are a glimpse to eliminate the party. Yet the party withstood all these hurdles and has been supported by people to lead the country.
On the anniversary of Bangladesh Awami League, Honourbale president of Bangladesh Awami League (ALBD) Sheikh Hasina asked her party men to work for a well- organized party and achieve people's confidence and trust so that no attack or conspiracy can destroy the party. “No attack or conspiracy can ruin the Awami League if the party is strengthened and it gets the full support of the masses, she said. In reference to the rise of Phoenix bird from ashes, she also reminded her party men on a volley of past attempts made time and again to destroy the party. "Despite repeated attacks to destroy the Awami League, none can harm the party as it is the organization of mass people," she added while addressing a mammoth rally on the occasion.
From the capital to other parts of the country, a wave of festivity swept across in observance of the platinum jubilee of the most formidable party in the youngest nation in South Asia. Thousands of rallies, events and meetings were held in almost every part of the country with participation of people from all strata of life. The central event took place at the historic Suhurawadry Uddayna, which turned to human sea, in the capital participated by people irrespective of gender and profession. Congratulating leaders supporters and activists of the party, ICT Affairs Advisor Sajeeb Wazed, in a tweet, also urged all the join the march for Smart Bangladesh by 2041.
In its journey for 75 years, Awami League has emerged as the only party in the country that sought to stand in favour of mass people: be it in struggle or be it in empowerment. While the country has been liberated in 1971 thanks to two decades of movement by Awami League under the able leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the rebuilding of this country from the ashes left by Pakistan Army was also envisaged by Mujibur Rahman. On the other hand, the current development model, as deemed by the world a trickle down approach with unprecedented social safety schemes, alongside the growing global stature has been undertaken by Sheikh Hasina.
As the country has witnessed over decades of military rule led by several dictators including the likes of General Ziaur Rahman, the founder of BNP, the political democratic parties floated by these dictators did not really care for the people. But Awami League has stood apart and remained as the only beacon light that remained true to founding values to stand and speak for the masses. While during Mujibur Rahman at the helm the party led the march for flag and freedom, under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina the same party has been found leading the march for change and progress also the waged the fight to free the people from military rulers. The list of accomplishment for Awami League has put the party in a unique position, unmatched for any party.
Once the dream for an independent Bangladesh has been achieved, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave the nation a vision for a golden Bangla: turn a war ravaged country to a wonder for the world. Though the founding father Mujib started rebuilding the country from the scratch, his efforts were short lived following his assassination and subsequent rule by the military dictator who rather went to alter the course of independence earned over ocean of blood. But as Sheikh Hasina was elected to lead the party in 1981, things started to change for the good—both for the party and the country. As she led the party secure public mandate for fourth consecutive terms, Awami League has been credited with reducing poverty and hunger to record low, fulfillment of key human development indices and the growing stature of this country as rising tiger in South Asia.


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